Pix’s new scam is applied via SMS torpedo; know how to identify

Pix users should be aware of fake messages that are being sent via SMS by criminals. In the text message, the scammers claim that there will be a supposed discount on invoices when making payment through Pix. Kaspersky specialists, according to IstoÉ Dinheiro, analyzed this type of crime and realized that the scams are being perfected.

If before these false messages were sent by email, now they are faster to be sent via SMS. Recently, the scammers joined card brands and, in them, started to make false discounts available on the bill. The victim is then directed to a website called “soumaispix.com”.

On this fake site, an account with a reduced value is generated. All to make it look like it really is a message sent by the operator of the user’s credit card. Customers also need to provide information such as the Individual Taxpayer Registration Number (CPF), the value of their bill, the card brand and the last four numbers. Then the new invoice discounted amount is entered.

After all this information, the Pix key is generated so that the value can be transferred. It is important for the Pix user to be aware that these messages are sent from short numbers. Remembering that promotions like these must be checked on the card company’s official website or, also, by calling the operator.

Another important point is to always avoid sending personal information without being sure. One of the most common scams performed on Pix is ​​phishing (a technique to deceive users and obtain confidential information). Kaspersky company already blocked more than 22 million of attempted coups in Brazil.