PLOA 2022 will be presented this Tuesday (31); new notices are planned

The text of the Budget Law Proposal for 2022 (PLOA 2022) will be presented this Tuesday, August 31, to the National Congress.

Before being voted on by National Congress Plenary, the project must be considered by the Mixed Budget Commission (CMO).

According to the federal Constitution, the text must be returned for approval by the President of the Republic by the end of the legislative session, on December 22nd.

The text has great expectations from the market and the forecast is that the values ​​for the payment of court orders, new family bag and the authorization of replacement of personnel through public tenders.

The design foresees a limit of BRL 39.8 billion for the court orders that would be paid this year, leaving the majority, BRL 49.3 billion, for 2023.

With regard to the realization of new public tenders, the expectation is that the federal government will authorize the replacement of personnel in agencies and autarchies that have a large personnel deficit.(PLOA 2022)

Included in this list are the INSS contest, CGU contest, Internal Revenue contest and IBGE contest.

In case of IBGE contest, the carrying out of the Demographic Census is already included in the Budget Guidelines Law for 2022, published on August 23, 2021 (see here).

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Analysis of PLOA 2022

Status of tenders provided for in PLOA 2022

CGU contest

The notice of CGU contest was authorized to fill 375 vacancies, 300 for the post of Federal Auditor with a higher level and 75 for the post of Federal Technician, which requires a secondary level. for mid-level and higher level candidates. (PLOA 2022)

In addition, the minimum period of two months between the publication of the notice and the application of the tests was approved. It is worth remembering that the minister announced that he expects to issue a notice in 2022.

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INSS contest

The president highlighted the interest and intention of the body to carry out a new INSS contest before the elections, scheduled for October 2022. A new contest with 7,575 seats was requested from the Ministry of Economy.

In addition, the secretary of the National Federation of Workers’ Unions in Health, Labour, Welfare and Social Assistance (Fenasps) said he had obtained information that the event is foreseen in the 2022 budget.

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IBGE contest

The new notice IBGE contest has already been released with more than 200,000 vacancies, but suspended due to budget cuts. The STF decided to make the Census mandatory only in 2022, therefore, the selection will be resumed.(PLOA 2022)

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Internal Revenue Contest

The agency sent a new request to the Ministry of Economy to carry out the Internal Revenue contest with 699 vacancies destined to the positions of Fiscal Auditor and Tax Analyst. The process reached the Planning and Selection Division.

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PLOA 2022: next steps

The Annual Budget Law estimates the revenues and fixes the federal government’s expenses for the following year. Senators and deputies must evaluate and promote adjustments to the Executive Branch’s proposal, as they do with the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO) and the Pluriannual Plan (PPA) (Agência Senado).

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