Police reinforces policing on SP highways

Since yesterday, the Rodoviária Militar Rodoviária reinforced its patrols on roads that cross the Araçatuba region, in the interior of São Paulo. The measure was adopted to try to prevent members of the gang that attacked banks in the city from fleeing to other states.

O UOL found with sources in the corporation that all administrative staff were assigned to external work. The police officers who make up the Tático Ostensivo Rodoviário team were also called upon.

In addition to preserving the places where cars abandoned by the gang were found, the order is to approach vehicles that show any sign of suspicion. The fine-tooth comb on state highways continues indefinitely, after all, there is a possibility that part of the criminals is still in the region.

The Federal Highway Police also issued an internal alert to inspection agents. The orientation is for any suspicious vehicle that crosses the BR-153, which links São Paulo with the South and the Midwest, to be approached during inspections.


Since yesterday afternoon, investigations have been under the responsibility of the Federal Police. This decision is linked to the fact that the main target of the gang is a unit of Banco do Brasil, in addition to the Caixa Econômica Federal branch being attacked by criminals.

“We are making available the means we have from the São Paulo Police to support the Federal Police’s investigations,” said the São Paulo Public Security Secretary, General Campos.

“In these moments of fear, my opinion is that the security forces have to act in a cohesive way, in a joint way. But any help at this moment, whether material, human or knowledge, is always welcome,” said the delegate federal government of Araçatuba, Frederico Franco Rezende.

lack of alignment

Despite the alignment and collaboration discourse, the professor at FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas) and security specialist, Rafael Alcadipani, does not believe that the work will, in fact, be integrated.

“Although they should unite, the police forces have different cultures and different resources. There is a lack of true articulation between the national, state and municipal spheres.”

The security specialist argues that the attack recorded in Araçatuba reinforces that the country is far from being able to effectively fight organized crime.

“The union between the police forces is a great utopia in Brazil. While the crime is multinational, the investigation is individual and localized”.

Map Araçatuba - São Paulo - Arte UOL - Arte UOL
Image: UOL Art