President details hiring Tiago Nunes for Ceará and looks at 2nd round: “We needed something new” | supper

The beginning of the week was busy for Ceará, which saw the team stumble against América-MG, fired Guto Ferreira, the longest running coach in Serie A, and hired Tiago Nunes. Despite the good position in the table, in eighth with 24 points, Grandpa wavered in the presentations on the field and has not accumulated good results away from home. The president of Ceará, Robinson de Castro, explained the choice by the name of Tiago Nunes, in an exclusive interview with Globe Sports.

– It was our first name and the only one we came to deal with, because the conversation immediately evolved a lot. He is a coach with content, good group management, empowers players, knows the squad and the competition well. He also enjoys working with young people, and Ceará has been a northeastern breadbasket. The goal is for him to take advantage of all the good things and innovate so that we can continue to appear on the first page of the Brazilian Championship. It would be a great achievement. Of course we want more, but we have to be aware that Tiago is not coming to do absurd things – says Robinson.

The board agreed to hire Tiago Nunes until December 2022. The new captain from Alvinegro was champion of the Copa Sudamericana and the Campeonato Paranaense in 2018, and the Copa Sudamericana and Copa do Brasil in 2019.

Tiago Nunes coach Grêmio — Photo: Eduardo Moura

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ge: Do you believe that Tiago Nunes will supply a need that the team has, which is also to focus on the offensive sector?

– He is a coach who balances this more (offensive), likes to give different functions to the players, to innovate. We bring a new lease of life and start for players to develop further. It ends up stirring the pot at a time when we are going to have a turning point in the campaign. The second round always has different situations and we needed something new. James comes to this.

ge: Does Ceará go looking for reinforcements with the arrival of the new commander?

– We need to wait for Tiago to arrive and evaluate, but he spoke well about our athletes, even highlighted some names that are being criticized. We have to give him this opportunity to evaluate. He spoke very highly of the cast, he is very motivated by the invitation. We were impressed, because he had refused invitations from clubs in the Northeast, when he received the invitation he already spoke very highly of the cast. He spoke to me to feel the political and administrative security of the club. He commented that some players can do various functions and that he will use it that way. If there is a need, let’s go in search.

ge: Was Rogério Ceni on the list of likely names and was he considered for the position?

– Tiago was our first name on the list, we got in touch and there was no need to go to the other names. Tiago Nunes is the coach of Ceará.