president of organized by the SP has a strange encounter with Daniel Alves

What started out as a love affair is becoming increasingly dramatized. After exchanging accusations involving lack of payment and commitment, Daniel Alves was once again criticized by the São Paulo fans.

Using his social networks, Baby, president of Torcida Independente, published videos and photos of what he thought was the presence of Daniel Alves in a ballad.

“Too bad I didn’t have time to have arrived at (Santo Cupido) and caught these bums at the club. Worst hiring in history, this microbe Daniel Alves, bad character and rogue, said that his dream was to end his career at SPFC will end up in the house of c…, you worm, pickpocket”, wrote Baby.

According to him, Liziero would also be there. “Are you happy Liziero? Not us, little m…, your time will come, we are on the radar”, he added. “You can’t count on these guys in São Paulo anymore. One hour we will enjoy together at the club. Scoundrels”, he concluded.

Despite the “accusations”, the staff of Daniel Alves replied to Uol that the player was not present in the images published by Baby. Joana Sanz, the player’s wife, stated in her story that “the people are in need of a better job”.

Check out the images posted by Baby below:

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