Priscila Fantin talks about intimacy with her husband: ‘Two to three times’ – Famous

Priscila Fantin and Bruno Lopes (photo: Reproduo/Instagram)

Last Sunday (08/29), actress Priscila Fantin decided to open her question box at Instagram and answered several questions about her personal life with her husband, who is also an actor. Bruno Lopes.

The artist did not hesitate to mention that one of the reasons for the good relationship is to have up-to-date intimacy. She explained to her followers that the two of them don’t go two days without a couple’s intimacy. “We really like it, when we’re on vacation, idly, with time to spare, two to three times, but with life running fast, you can’t go without two days,” he said.

According to the brunette, the important thing is not to fall into a routine and always have a little time to keep the flame of love always lit. She also pointed out to internet users that the number of times can even vary, but never will.

“The tip is not to stay longer than two days, otherwise it starts to suck. Everything becomes a reason to disagree, you know?”, he explained.

Curious about the couple’s life, the internet users questioned the actress about sharing the bills with Bruno: “We shared our lives, everything shared”, said Fantin.

In addition, the famous commented when asked if she argues with her husband. “There are some couples who don’t argue. We were arguing now, even,” Priscilla joked.

Recently, Fantin made a reflection on self-esteem and told about the phase of changes and self-recognition, as well as revealing that his real relationship process with appearance began a few years ago.