proposal provides for the return in double the amount; understand

People who have improperly received Emergency Assistance may have to return double benefit. The proposal was approved by the Social Security and Family Committee of the Chamber of Deputies. It determines the refund in case of bad faith on the part of the beneficiary.

In the text that was approved by the Commission, it is explained that the collection of the refund will not take place when the person has been registered without consent to receive the benefit.

Double refund of undue Emergency Assistance

The person who received the benefit in bad faith, according to the proposal, will have to return the money within six months, in the form of regulation. After the deadline, a daily fine of 0.33% will be charged, taking into account the limit of up to 20% of the total amount owed by the beneficiary.

Recalling that the text that was approved is the replacement for Bill 3115/20, with complementation of the rapporteur’s vote, Deputy Francisco Júnior (PSD_GO). In the original project, the return was expected within 12 months.

This substitute also provides that the Executive Branch must disclose the list of beneficiaries of Emergency Assistance in publicly accessible electronic media. According to the news agency Câmara de Notícias, the rapporteur explained that, through inspections carried out by the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU), BRL 54 billion of undue payments were found in the balance sheet published in February 2021.

This estimated amount corresponds to more than seven million people outside the legal requirements demanded by the Federal Government, who received the benefits of Emergency Assistance. “The measure strengthens the transparency and social control of the program”, commented by deputy Francisco Júnior.

After approval by the Social Security and Family Committee, the proposal will be sent to be analyzed in conclusive character by the Finance and Taxation, and Constitution and Justice and Citizenship committees, also of the Chamber of Deputies.