QuintoAndar announces more than 60 job openings in home office; check the positions

QuintoAndar’s new job vacancies will be performed in a home office system. Check requirements and find out how to apply.

The QuintoAndar company opened 62 job openings in home office format. Opportunities are for analyst, senior, supervisor and director positions. The company has a different business model and has been revolutionizing the Brazilian real estate market.

To compete for one of the vacancies, interested parties can apply through the company’s website. By clicking on the desired position, the interested party will obtain information about the company, requirements, working hours, benefits and the steps of the selection process.

In order to guarantee the safety of each candidate who will carry out the company’s selection process, during this period of the COVID-19 pandemic, the tests and interviews of the stages will be adapted so that they can be carried out at home.

QuintoAndar has expanded its services and has over a thousand people working in its offices in São Paulo and Campinas. With the COVID-19 pandemic, employees are working from home, home office.

Job vacancies at QuintoAndar

The vacancies made available by the company are for the following positions:

  • Service Analyst – Customer support & customer services (cris);
  • Compensation analyst;
  • Customer experience analyst – ombudsman;
  • Business analyst;
  • Retention and loyalty business analyst;
  • Performance media manager;
  • Senior product designer;
  • Business planning analyst;
  • WFM Supervisor;
  • payments services analyst;
  • Strategy director;
  • Planning scalability manager;
  • FP&A strategy analyst (business partner);
  • Senior business analyst SQL (strategy);
  • Senior Controllership Analyst;
  • People performance & goals specialist;
  • Senior social media analyst – vacancy for black people;
  • Social media specialist;
  • Business Analyst – closer;
  • Customer Experience Analyst – Crises;
  • Operations supervisor – social media;
  • Operations Analyst – B2b for brokers ops;
  • Senior branding analyst – vacancies designed for black people.