R$ 350 thousand/month and loan: Palmeiras seeks interested in Brazil in Danilo Barbosa, Vasco’s jewel

With the return of Matheus Fernandes in the mid-year window, Palmeiras has several alternatives to Abel Ferreira in the midfield sector. Currently Danilo and Zé Rafael are the starters in the “big” games, but Patrick de Paula, Felipe Melo (used more than defender nowadays), Matheus himself, Gabriel Menino and Danilo Barbosa are the other options.

But Barbosa specifically fell into ostracism at the Football Academy. The 18 shirt hasn’t played with the alviverde shirt since the loss to Atlético-MG on August 14, for the Campeonato Brasileiro. There were only 19 matches for Verdão and only one goal. The steering wheel is created by Vasco and belongs to Nice, France. The player is assigned to the São Paulo club until December and, by the way, Palmeiras is already studying giving the steering wheel to some club in the country until the end of the period.

According to the portal Attunements in Football, Palmeiras even tried to return Danilo to Nice ahead of schedule and is now willing to lend the 25-year-old midfielder in Brazil, as long as the interested party pays his salary – in the region of R$ 350 thousand a month.

The steering wheel is out of space at Palmeiras and can be loaned to a club in Brazil (Photo: César Greco)

“Palmeiras will try to transfer Danilo to another club. It’s the real planning”, he informed a member (in anonymity) within the club to the report of Antenados. The Vasco fan remembers one of the greatest jewels revealed in São Januário and that came out very early, more precisely in 2013, when he was still 17 years old.

The “head of area” was sold by Vasco to a Portuguese group for €4.5 million (R$13.5 million at the time), largely due to the financial difficulties that the club was going through. He only moved to Europe in March 2014 when he turned 18 and headed to Braga, in Portugal. Since then, Benfica, Valencia and Standard Liege were clubs defended by Danilo before moving to Nice.

The French stipulated 6 million euros (more than R$ 36.5 million at the current price) as the final price for a definitive transfer to Palmeiras, something obviously discarded by the São Paulo management. Could it be that Vasco de Lisca could not receive its eternal offspring for the end of Serie B, since the clubs have a good relationship off the field?

Danilo only played 19 games for Palmeiras and the club accepts to lend him until December: is there a chance for Vasco? (Photo: César Greco)

Everything is clearly a guess, as Vasco officially denies any chance of having Danilo on loan. Paying R$ 350 thousand monthly to a player is something out of the question in São Januário during the season. In case of negotiations, one idea is to split the salaries, as happened with Lucas Lima, transferred to Fortaleza on loan – Palmeiras pays 80% of the midfielder’s salaries, who earn almost R$ 1 million per month.

Currently, Lisca has Andrey, Bruno Gomes, Rômulo, Weverton and Caio Lopes for the steering wheel sector. Further on, Vasco has Sarrafiore, Marquinhos Gabriel, Galarza, MT, Laranjeira and Juninho as alternatives.

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