Rainer Cadete reveals receiving nudes from fans on social media

Rainer Cadet, a success with her character Visky, in ‘Secret Truths’, told during her participation in the podcast ‘Novela das 9’, that usually receives many nudes from his followers on social networks. The actor explains that he doesn’t see any problems with this, but emphasizes the importance of acting with respect.

“Yes. I get shower of nudes! I have fun, let the guys!”, said the famous, laughing. “People can send nudes at will. It’s up to me to open it or not, I have the choice. I usually see! But that’s it, I don’t think you can be disrespectful. Not disrespectful, if you want to send nudes, do it, and then I’ll see it, or not! There’s no bad weather!”, he highlighted.

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And speaking of nudes…

Rainer Cadete not only receives nudes on social media, but also often share his daring photos on Instagram. several times the actor appeared completely naked in publications beyond sensual. However, he points out that he doesn’t just do it for showmanship.

“I’m a complete cookie. But I think it’s a little bit about self-love. I’m feeling beautiful, I accept my body the way it is, I like it and I have no problem showing and ordering all these cookies. And they come, see? My God in heaven, it’s awesome!”, said the famous.

“I post photos of my plays and give very few likes. Then I post a nude, a semi-nude, what engagement! The algorithm looks like it knows, right?”, joked Rainer.

Rainer Cadete posted nude on Instagram (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Other celebrities who receive nudes on social media

Apparently, when you’re famous, receiving nudes is much more common than you might imagine. Several other artists have already revealed receiving intimate photos from fans on social media.

Isis de Oliveira, actress of ‘Roque Santeiro’, said that always bold images. However, it ensures that it quickly erases and locks the person. The actor Ary Fontoura is also the target of nudes on Instagram.

Actor Luigi Baricelli said that he receives nudes from fans because of the success he made in the soap opera ‘Laços de Família’. João Vicente de Castro also claimed to receive the intimate photos and unlike Isis de Oliveira, he loves receiving nudes.

Who also receives nude fan photos is the singer supple and the actor Rodrigo Lombardi, Alex from ‘Secret Truths’, who even appears naked in the hit soap opera.

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