Rayssa Leal wins comeback with AMAZING final maneuver in World League, and US commentators freak out: “What a moment!”; watch

I believe in fairy! I believe! This Saturday (28), Rayssa Leal became champion of the first phase of the world Skate Street circuit in Salt Lake City, USA. And as always, our fairy’s victory came with a lot of emotion, as she turned the score around in the last maneuver of the competition, with a grade of 8.5 – the best of the event!

The Olympic medalist was in third place, competing with the Dutch Roos Zwetsloot and the Japanese Funa Nakayama, and needed a lot of points to take the highest position on the podium. However, doing magic once more, the Maranhão man nailed the perfect maneuver, getting the highest score and taking her to the first place!

With a final total of 21.0, Rayssa, who is only 13 years old, won the second title of her career! “Thank you so much for everything, I love you all. Thanks for the fans and let’s go Brazil!”, cheered the skateboarder. In second place was Funa Nakayama, with 20.7, and the bronze went to Roos Zwetsloot, who had 19.6 points.

It is worth mentioning that our fairy is not the only Brazilian who goes to the finals of the competition. Pamela Rosa was fourth, with 16.4 and also advanced to the next stage of the dispute! Unfortunately, Letícia Bufoni and Marina Gabriela failed to qualify, but even so, the fans of the sport were very proud.

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The Skate fairy once again did magic and won the competition (Photo: Reproduction/SLS)

Rayssa’s victory was accompanied by a lot of emotion. The skater was doing well in the early rounds, holding the lead in the first two, with notes 5.6 and 6.6. These scores guaranteed her for the finals, which would define who would be the champion. In the third part of the competition, she missed a move, leaving her in second place.

When the Dutch got a 7.2, the Brazilian played for third place. In Leal’s last maneuver, it was all or nothing. Our girl prodigy needed an 8.2 to get back to the top and, as if by magic, the fairy made history in the championship and ended her participation with a perfect maneuver, achieving the 8.5 mark and taking the trophy home!

The audience was thrilled with the victory of the Brazilian, who was very happy with the incredible feat, soon ran to hug Bufoni and her family. The party in Salt Lake City was general, including from the American commentators, who are known for not expressing many emotions in the narrations. These, however, could not contain the sensational upset of Rayssa. “She did it! Wow! We are seeing the future of skateboarding here! What moment!”, they said. Fly, fairy! Check out the best reactions on the internet after this historic moment: