Rede D’Or withdraws from offer to acquire Alliar due to “logical impossibility”

Rede D’Or São Luiz (RDOR3) informed last Monday night (30) that its Board of Directors met and decided not to launch a voluntary public offering by the Company (OPA) aiming at the acquisition of up to all shares issued by Centro de Imagem Diagnosticos, Alliar (AALR3).

The company justifies the withdrawal in view of the occurrence of events that resulted in the “logical impossibility of an offer for acquisition” of the control of Alliar and in the alteration of the other OPA premises.

They are: “(a) the execution, by Alliar shareholders, on August 20, 2021, of a shareholders’ agreement linking shares
representing approximately 50.46% of its share capital, through which its signatories undertook, among other things, not to sell shares issued by Alliar for a period of 180 days; and (b) the reduction in the dispersion of shares issued by Alliar, due to acquisitions made recently by certain shareholders”, informed the company.

Entrepreneur Nelson Tanure reached a 26% stake in Alliar after acquiring Pátria’s stake in the company.

The company informs that it communicated the decision not to launch the OPA to the Brazilian Securities Commission and to B3 SA – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão.

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