References to former developers accused of sexism will be removed from ‘World of Warcraft’

RIO — Amid accusations of sexism and discrimination in the workplace, Activision Blizzard announced that it will remove references in the game “World of Warcraft” to developers involved in the scandal. These changes should appear in the 9.1.5 update, scheduled for next week.

In an announcement, the company did not specify what the changes would be, but in a statement sent to the “PC Gamer” portal, a spokesperson confirmed that “the in-game references to Jesse McCree, Luis Barriga and Jon LeCraft will be removed from the World of Warcraft”.

The three even no longer configure Activision Blizzard’s staff.

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McCree inspired five NPCs (Non-Player Character), that is, characters from the game, which are not controlled by other players, in addition to a place with their name. Luis Barriga, in turn, spawned an NPC, while LeCraft was honored by two others.

Argus' capital, in the game World of Warcraft, may lose its Mac'Aree name after a sting of sexism in the workplace Photo: Activision Blizzard
Argus’ capital, in the game World of Warcraft, may lose its Mac’Aree name after a sting of sexism in the workplace Photo: Activision Blizzard

In the announcement about the update, mainly about gameplay in “Shadowlands” and “WoW Classic”, the company highlighted that it sought to bring improvements to the game environment, including “additional changes to some content to better reflect our shared values, better visibility of impact of its reports of harassment in the game and more severe penalties for people involved in activities destructive to their behavior.”

“Shadowlands Update 9.1.5 will be coming to the PTR next week, and a lot of what you’ll find in it is the direct result of their collective feedback,” added Blizzard.

Among the requests from players, there was more the option to create character customization, with greater ethnic diversity.

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Since July, when the US state of California filed a lawsuit against Blizzard for misconduct at work, the company has adopted other changes, such as removing items referring to former creative director Alex Afrasiabi.

The Overwatch team also announced that the McCree character name, in honor of Jesse McCree, will be changed.

Afrasiabi was cited in the California lawsuit but had already been fired in 2020. In addition to McCree, Belly and LeCraft, former President J. Allen Brack also stepped down after the allegations.