Regina Casé shows Paulo Gustavo’s children in her mansion in Bahia

The presenter Regina Casé enchanted by showing the children of the late Paulo Gustavo in her mansion

the presenter Regina Case received very special visits in his mansion in Bahia! She invited the children of the late comedian Paulo Gustavo, the little two-year-old Romeu and Gael, to spend a few days of rest in her mansion in Bahia.

The little ones who are children of Paulo Gustavo with the dermatologist Thales Bretas. And the little ones traveled to the place also accompanied by Paulo’s grandmother and mother, Déa Lúcia. It was Déa Lúcia who photographed the little Romeu and Gael outside the mansion of Regina Case. The boys appeared next to a friend as cute as they were.

By showing Déa Lucia’s beautiful photo of little Romeu and Gael with their little friend in Bahia, Regina Case he was melted by the little ones saying: “Romeu and Gael stayed at home in Bahia with the whole family when they went to the Sanctuary of Santa Irmã Dulce and as I couldn’t go I received these beautiful images from Grandma Déa Lúcia! They sat at the door of our house and soon, they made a friend from Bahia! I was very moved and thinking how much beauty, strength and purity are contained in these images! Write for us the teachings you see there!”.

Before the beautiful record, Déa Lúcia melted for her grandchildren saying: “My beloved grandchildren. My son lives in their smile and joy”.
Many famous people also praised the photo of Paulo Gustavo’s children and their little friend. “Love, respect, joy,” said actress Malu Valle. And singer Daniela Mercury said: “How hot the three of them are. Yes, a lot of beauty, strength and purity”. The singer Alcione also said: “I want this trio of cuteness all for me”. And actress Maria Padilha said: “So much teaching about love that I don’t even know…”.

Netizens were also just praise for the record. “A lot of purity in this image. From the desire to stop the world for a second, to forget about everything bad that is happening, to sit on the sidewalk with them, to play…”, commented a netizen. And a netizen said: “Beautiful thing! Children’s innocence and purity”.

Regina Casé showing Paulo Gustavo's two children in her luxurious house

Play Instagram Paulo Gustavo’s children with a little friend at Regina Casé’s house

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