Regina Casé shows Paulo Gustavo’s children visiting her house in Salvador

Regina Casé shared cute images of Romeu and Gael, children of humorist Paulo Gustavo and Thales Bretas. The actress told fans that she received the photos of the actor’s mother, a victim of covid-19. The actress said that Thales, the little ones, Déa Lúcia and Paulo’s sister, Juliana Amaral, were at the Sister Dulce Sanctuary, in Salvador.

At the time, the family stayed at Regina Casé’s house. There, Romeo and Gael made a friend in the neighborhood. “Romeu and Gael stayed at my house in Bahia with the whole family when they went to the Sanctuary of Santa Irmã Dulce and as I couldn’t go I received these beautiful images from Grandma Déa Lúcia!”, Regina said.

“They sat at the door of our manor house and soon, they made a friend from Bahia! I was very moved and thinking how much beauty, strength and purity are contained in these images! Write for us the teachings you see there!”, she wrote.