Reinaldo says that São Paulo leaves with the bitter taste of a draw and draws attention for goal from set pieces | São Paulo

The team came out ahead with a goal from the left-back, taking a penalty, but ended up suffering equality in additions, in yet another mistake in set pieces.

– We were coming to win and to climb even higher in the table. Unfortunately, we took a goal there, working the set ball until the competition came back and not taking these goals anymore. Bitter taste, yes. Let’s go back home and get there, work very hard to resume after this stop much better than we are stopping – he said.

Reinaldo, from São Paulo, in the marking of Michel Macedo, from Juventude — Photo: Fernando Alves/EC Juventude

The result does not let São Paulo get closer to the G-6 of the Brasileirão after 18 rounds. Hernan Crespo’s team reached 22 points, in 12th place.

Highlights: Youth 1 x 1 São Paulo for the 18th round of the Brasileirão 2021

Highlights: Youth 1 x 1 São Paulo for the 18th round of the Brasileirão 2021

In a press conference after the confrontation, Reinaldo also spoke about the current work of the technical committee and the board, and also about the period away from the starting lineup.

– I understood very well, what I have to do is always work, training, on a daily basis at a high level, when the teacher needs it, as he did in the last games, to be well and help. I was out of the games against Palmeiras, but I was prepared on the bench. You have to be at a high level to help the team, it was very calm.

– Each board and coach who passed through here had their way of working. With Crespo and the new board, it has been well done since São Paulo. What I always say is to believe in our committee, our players and our board, and we know they are guys who talk eye to eye, transparent and open with the players. Is important. I hope the president comes back quickly to be with us on a daily basis, which is important, but whoever played the club during this period played very well. It’s been a job well done by everyone involved in this project.

After the draw, Tricolor will have two weeks full of training until the next match of the championship, since the duel for the 19th round, against América-MG, was postponed due to the calls to dispute the South American Qualifiers for the Copa do World of 2022.

São Paulo’s next game will be on September 12, against Fluminense, at Maracanã.

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