Renato em Duas Caras, Gabriel Sequeira studies Physical Education and wants to return to TV · TV News

Son of Marjorie Estiano in Duas Caras (2007), Gabriel Sequeira grew up and wants to return to acting on television. At the age of 24, Renato’s interpreter finishes the last semester of his Physical Education graduation and is studying to be a yoga instructor. Aguinaldo Silva’s telenovela entered Globoplay’s catalog this Monday (30).

“I’ve been practicing yoga since 2015 and I’m specializing to become an instructor. I’ve also returned to the theater, I’m resuming my dormant career,” says the young man in an interview with Gshow. “I am thinking about reconciling these two fronts, telling stories, moving them”, he completes.

At the age of ten, Gabriel celebrates being able to follow the serial for the first time from start to finish. “I recorded a lot, but I thought it was all great fun. I remember the backstage conversations with Marjorie, with Dalton Vigh, they were all very generous with me, they taught me, they gave me tips.”

The actor says he has moved away from acting, but feels ready to return to the video. “The tests made me feel insecure, messing with me”, says the boy, who is also dedicated to music as a hobby.

Never rerun on television, Duas Caras tells the story of Maria Paula (Marjorie Estiano)’s revenge against Marconi Ferraço (Dalton Vigh). He had another face and another name when he crossed the path of the orphaned young heiress, stole her and abandoned her.

Ten years later, the girl meets him again and decides to do justice. However, the clashes between the former couple and the existence of a son, Renato, end up revealing unexpected feelings in both.

The series also features Antônio Fagundes, Susana Vieira, José Wilker (1944-2014), Renata Sorrah, Alinne Moraes and Lázaro Ramos in the cast.

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