Reporter comes live on Globo and is startled by an explosion

The reporter Thaís Gomes got scared during the live entry on the newscast “Bom Dia São Paulo” (TV Globo) today. The journalist from the TV Tem affiliate was talking about a new sweep of the GATE (Special Tactical Actions Group) in the center of Araçatuba (SP) when there was a loud noise.

Later, the reporter entered once again live in Rodrigo Bocardi’s newspaper and said the team was fine.

Team well… Just a really big scare that our team got. It came from a nearby condominium, we don’t understand, we just heard the explosion. We don’t know for sure, that’s what you showed during programming. Thais Gomes

The SSP and the Metropolitan Civil Guard are still investigating what the explosion was.

Yesterday, the city was targeted by a group of criminals who attacked three bank branches at dawn. The gang spread explosives in downtown streets and used residents as a shield in their escape. At least three people died, being two residents, and others five were injured — four people are hospitalized.

Today, GATE will carry out a new inspection in the city center in the interior of the state of São Paulo in search of explosives left by criminals. As he spoke about today’s operations, Thais Gomes was startled by the noise.

We are next to Banco do Brasil and Caixa, it’s even scary to be here where yesterday… We don’t know what that was, it came from a building that noise. It scared the birds, the population that is here. Thais Gomes

Rodrigo Bocardi - Reproduction/TV Globo - Reproduction/TV Globo

Thaís Gomes spoke with Rodrigo Bocardi directly from Araçatruba (SP)

Image: Playback/TV Globo

According to the journalist, it was just a “great scare” that would have occurred in a nearby condominium.

The presenter Rodrigo Bocardi reinforced that the team of journalists is doing well and that the SSP and GCM are investigating the reason for the noise.