Rodolffo reveals that he was advised by a businessman not to win “BBB21”; understand

Hello, Bastion! After the creation of the groups Pipoca and Camarote on “Big Brother Brasil”, participating in the reality show became an interesting possibility for many artists and celebrities — mainly because of the visibility in the most watched program in the country. In a recent interview with the podcast “Universo Sertanejo”, Rodolffo, duo from Israel, admitted that he was advised by his own manager not to win the game. What do you mean, Brazil?!

According to the singer, the orientation was a scare and he even disagreed with the strategy initially proposed. “Rodrigo Byça said: ‘You go in, do it nice, but it’s not to win that show’. I replied: ‘But what do you mean? I’m going in to win’”, remembered.

Rodolffo never hid that his main objective when entering the most guarded house in Brazil was to make the duo’s name with Israel nationally known. And it worked, because the song “Cherry Lipstick” was one of the biggest hits of the year and they both saw their popularity grow. In addition to several musical partnerships and invitations to participate in national network programs, they continue to record successes on digital platforms.

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A few months after the show’s finale and without the award — which stayed with Juliette Freire — the countryman admits that he now understands the businessman’s controversial advice. According to him, it would be a challenge to deal with the fame of “BBB21” champion and with his music career at the same time. “After all that, today I think: it happened the way it had to happen. Because if I win, sharing the spotlight with being a ‘BBB’ winner and ‘Israel and Rodolffo’ would bother me. Because after I left there, I faced real life. And my real life is to make Israel and Rodolfo happen. That for me was the cream of the cream”, explained.

Israel and Rodolfo scored post "BBB21".  (Photo: Globo/Disclosure)
Israel and Rodolfo scored post “BBB21”. (Photo: Globo/Disclosure)

Despite the duo having expanded their national fame this year, the road is long: Israel and Rodolffo already have more than 20 years of career. “We’re trying new things now, but we always knew what we wanted, like singing on Multishow’s ‘Música Boa’, for example. We used to see our colleagues on TV shows and we didn’t get that kind of invitation, now we’re part of it”, Rodolffo said.

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According to them, the two plan to go on tour soon, and the schedule for next year is already full. “Thank God we are having to choose the parties. The country’s main contractors are fighting for our date!”, revealed. Pure success! About the new projects, Rodolffo said that he will have a little of everything: “We’re sorting out all the songs that give us goosebumps, whether it’s stepped on, trampling, more big-headed or romantic”.

On August 20, the influencer and former colleague from the country’s confinement, Sarah Andrade, debuted as the protagonist of the duo’s newest video, in the song “Melhor Que Muita Gente”. Watch: