Rodolffo reveals that he was told to “not win” the BBB21

Cherry Lipstick is one of the biggest hits of the year and no one can deny it. After the participation of Rodolffo, the duo with Israel, at BBB 21, the artists took off and are living a period of great success. To talk about how it has been dealing with the achievements of the new phase, details about the musical trajectory and share news about the new album, the duo participated in a relaxed chat with André Piunti, presenter of the original Deezer podcast, Universo Sertanejo.

Despite having reached national fame this year, the duo has a 27-year career and they say they already knew a lot about the backcountry world. “We are trying new things now, but we always knew what we wanted, like singing in Música Boa at Multishow, for example. We used to see our colleagues on TV programs and we didn’t receive this kind of invitation, now we are part of it”, says Rodolffo. “We’re talking to Ivete (Sangalo) on WhatsApp, it’s great news for us. We’re working harder than if we were just putting on a show,” added Israel.


The duo also said that they intend to go on tour next year, and that they are already quoted to participate in the main parties and festivals in the country: “Thank God we are having to choose the parties. The main contractors in the country are fighting for our date!”.

About his participation in BBB 21, Rodolffo said that he received the advice of his manager not to win the program: “Rodrigo Byça said: ‘You go in, do nice but it’s not to win that show’, I replied: ‘But how thus? I’m going in to win’”. However, according to the interview, the singer believes that, if he had won the edition, he would be bothered to have to divide his reputation as a “BBB champion” with that of a singer for the duo Israel and Rodolffo, “I believe that would bother in a way. It’s real life out here and I was crazy to make Israel and Rodolffo happen.”

Finally, the duo gave some details about the new project that promises to mix different rhythms. “In this next (album) we want to do kind of everything without losing our essence,” says Israel. “We’re sorting out all the songs that give us goose bumps, whether it’s trampled, trampling, more modern or romantic”, concluded Rodolffo.