Rodolffo says he received advice not to win the BBB21

What a frill, guys! In an interview with the podcast “Universo Sertanejo”, Rodolffo revealed that he had received advice from the entrepreneur himself not to win the Big Brother Brasil 2021. “Rodrigo Byça said: ‘You go in, do it nice but it’s not to win that show’, and I replied: ‘But what do you mean? I’m going in to win'”, recalled the singer.

Rodolffo was the ninth participant to leave the BBB 21 house.

Rodolffo was the ninth participant to leave the BBB 21 house.

Photo: Instagram: @irodolffo / Famous and Celebrities

The countryman, who is a partner with Israel, also stated that he joined the reality show to publicize his musical career and that he would not know how to deal with peace of mind if he had left the program as a millionaire. “I think it would bother me in a way. Out here it’s real life and I was crazy to make Israel and Rodolfo happen.”

Rodolffo was the ninth eliminated from the game, after being involved in an episode of racism. It all started when João Luiz took advantage of the “Jogo da Discórdia” to vent about a comment by the countryman who compared his black power with a “caveman” wig.

Lawsuit against Globo

It is worth remembering that, according to information disclosed by Alessandro Lo-Bianco, from the IG portal, the artists filed a lawsuit against Globo and the office that negotiated the rights to their songs, Audiomix, with a “document exhibition action”.

The duo had signed a rights-granting agreement that gave the firm exclusive rights to the songs they performed. However, according to the publication, the process tells that a document was signed so that the company could represent the interest of the sertanejos with Som Livre, and thus sign the contract with Globo.

The problems would have started when one of the clauses agreed that Auxiomix would be responsible for the payments and transfers, however, Israel and Rodolffo point out that this did not happen. In addition, they allege that they began to suffer rebates on the broadcaster’s royalties without even understanding why. Also, according to the pair, both parties acted in bad faith, withholding information.