Rodrigo Simas reacts after Paolla Oliveira celebrates ‘Super Dança’ victory on the web

Climo? Actor left an unexpected comment on the champion’s post and gave something to talk about; look!

Rivalry? Nothing! Rodrigo Simas caught the attention of internet users this Monday (30) for his great sportsmanship.

The actor made a point of congratulating the great champion of Super Dance of the FamousPaolaOliveira this Monday (30) and collected praise from fans with his attitude.

On social networks, the winner shared a special video extolling her trajectory in the program and did not fail to thank her partner for the dream prize. “The trajectory of the Super Dance of the Famous ends here. I am very happy and proud of my teacher and of everyone who participated in this delicious journey through dance, overcoming difficulties and joy. Thank you to everyone who voted, watched, cheered, cheered and stayed inspired by the frame!”, he wrote.

Even after losing the dispute to the actress in the grand final, Simas congratulated her channel partner for the presentation and left an emoji in her heart in the publication’s comments. Cute, right?

It is worth remembering that Dandara Mariana also played in the grand final alongside Simas and Paolla Oliveira. The three performed with samba and waltz rhythms. Click here and see how it went.

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Luciana Cardoso prepared a special space on their social networks this Monday (30) to reciprocate all the affection of James Leifert.

After the live message from the presenter last Sunday (29), it was the turn of Fausto Silva’s wife, the Faustian, exalt the communicator.