Rooster is eyeing the sale of Emerson from Barcelona to Tottenham

Business should be confirmed in the coming hours, however, the club will no longer receive a larger amount due to the fact that the lateral has not fulfilled the goal of games for the team in Catalonia

In advanced negotiations with Tottenham, Barcelona are about to agree the sale of right-back Emerson. With this, Atlético is watching, although, if the transaction occurs, the Minas Gerais club will be entitled to less than it would earn if the player fulfilled a goal stipulated in the contract.

Information about Emerson’s imminent negotiation with Tottenham is from the newspaper Sport, from Catalonia. According to the publication, the English club would be willing to pay an amount exceeding 23 million euros (R$ 141.38 million) between fixed and variable.

Galo negotiated Emerson with Betis and Barcelona, ​​in a tie-in sale, where the player would go to the first club and then move on to the Catalonia team. According to Atlético’s sales contract, if the full-back played 30 games for Barcelona, ​​Galo will be entitled to receive another 1 million euros (R$ 6.2 million, at the current price). Before playing for Barça, Emerson wore the Betis shirt until 2021 and, in the middle of the season, moved to Barcelona.

As they did not play the number of 30 games for Barça, Galo will not be entitled to the corresponding million. And it will have to be content with the value of the athlete’s training club, which corresponds to a smaller amount of around 0.5% of the total sale – something around R$ 700 thousand.

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