Rooster seeks ‘title’ of the turn, which most Brazilian champions won

(Photo: Pedro Souza/Atl

Isolated leader of the Brazilian championship, O athletic is close to securing the symbolic title of the competition’s turn. With 39 points, alvinegro needs a triumph over guild – confrontation still without a defined date – to close the first half of Serie A as the best team in the tournament.

In 18 matches, Atltico has 12 wins, three draws and three defeats, with 27 goals scored and 13 conceded (they have the best defense in the competition). Galo is undefeated for 11 games, with nine wins and two draws – the team equaled Internacional with the longest sequence of victories in straight points.

With 39 points, Atltico can only be surpassed in the 1st round of the Brazilian Championship by Flamengo. Rubro-Negro has 31 points, but still has three games to play. To stay ahead of Galo, the team from Rio needs to win the matches (Grmio and Athletico-PR as a visitor, and Atltico-GO at home), and root for coach Cuca’s team at the most to tie the final game.

For coach Cuca, the Atltico campaign has to be valued. However, the coach claims that winning the inning would only have value if the championship ended now.

“If there was only one round in the championship, right? Now it starts all over again, the whole championship comes back. Of course, with the taste of wanting more. But we had a fantastic start and that has to be valued,” said the coach.

in history

Since 2003, when the Brazilian Championship started to be disputed in consecutive points, only five teams that won the round did not close the competition with the title. Among them, the Atltico, from Cuca, in 2012.

On that occasion, Galo closed the round with 43 points, one more than Fluminense. Atltico, however, lost strength in return and ended the competition with 72 points, five less than the Tricolor.

To regain the title of the Brazilian Championship, Atltico works with projections. The club’s studies include “isolated” campaigns, such as Cruzeiro, in 2014 (80 points), Corinthians, in 2015 (81 points), Palmeiras, in 2016 (80 points), and Flamengo, in 2019 (90 points), in addition to the more balanced editions, with champions scoring lower.

“You drive on the score you have, make calculations on top of the 114 points that are played throughout the championship and make an approximate calculation of what you need to be champion, taking the latest statistics. Sometimes it’s a shock. In 2016, for example, with 80 points, Palmeiras was champion when I was there. For years, with 72, 73 points, he was champion. So, you make these calculations. And in that aspect, we are doing very well,” he added.

If the first round score is repeated (not counting the game with Grmio) in return, Rooster will close the competition with 78 points. With this number, Alvinegro would not only be champion in four editions of the 15 held with 20 clubs.

Teams that won the turn and champions at the end of the season

2003 – Cruise – Cruise

2004 – Santos – Santos

2005 – Corinthians – Corinthians

2006 – So Paulo – So Paulo

2007 – So Paulo – So Paulo

2008 – Grmio – So Paulo

2009 – International – Flemish

2010 – Fluminense – Fluminense

2011 – Corinthians – Corinthians

2012 – Atltico – Fluminense

2013 – Cruise – Cruise

2014 – Cruise – Cruise

2015 – Corinthians – Corinthians

2016 – Palm Trees – Palm Trees

2017 – Corinthians – Corinthians

2018 – So Paulo – Palmeiras

2019 – Flemish – Flemish

2020 – So Paulo – Flamengo