Rumors between Lakers and DeAndre Jordan heat up according to insider


DeAndre Jordan is the latest name linked to rumors with the Lakers and it looks like they are gaining traction. After Rajon Rondo’s Lakers contract was revealed, Jordan could be the next and last name announced by the board in the coming days.

In a matter of two weeks, Rondo went from deep setter in the Clippers to once again a member of the Lakers. If someone had said at the start of the offseason that Rondo would be a Laker again, maybe few would have believed it.

The same thing seems to be happening with DeAndre Jordan. Rumors surfaced last week that Jordan is leaving Brooklyn and it would be a surprise if he made it to training camp with the team. When these reports were released, Jordan was soon hooked up with the Lakers to add depth to the pivot position.

The buyout seems inevitable, and now, more signs point to Jordan returning to Los Angeles, this time in the Lakers shirt.

While Jordan’s arrival would be an interesting fit, there had yet been a confirmed report that the Lakers would be interested in the player, or vice versa. But that has changed. Reporter Jake Fischer reported on Monday that the Lakers are the team to watch if the Nets and Jordan finalize their buyout deal.

“One suitor to keep an eye on, sources said, should DeAndre Jordan and the Brooklyn Nets reach an agreement: the Los Angeles Lakers.”

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The Lakers would give Jordan the best chance, other than the Nets, of winning a championship in 2022. At this stage in his career, that’s the most important thing and it’s hard to see him go from being a high-profile candidate like Brooklyn to a team intermediate level.

The Lakers have only three homegrown players: Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard and Marc Gasol and there is no guarantee that Gasol will play next season.

Jordan can replace Gasol in the squad but even if the Spaniard stays, the team can give themselves more options in the bottle. The Lakers still have two roster spots left, and while they’re widely expected to save one for the rest of the season, perhaps Jordan will be enough to convince them to be one of them.