Savings, Direct Treasury, CDBs: can you make money with fixed income? – 08/31/2021

Savings, Direct Treasury, CDBs, letters of credit, debentures. These are some of the fixed income investments, considered more conservative and, many of them, pegged to the basic interest rate, the Selic — which, although it is rising, is still at low levels, compared to previous years. Is it still possible to make money in fixed income? In this event of the UOL Investor’s Guide, you will know which ones are still worthwhile.

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In this event, you will understand each fixed income investment, its risks and potential for profitability. You will also learn which purpose each of them serves, and which investor profile each is best suited for. You’ll even know which fixed-income investments are worth it now, and whether it’s possible to make money by being conservative.

To teach all this, the UOL Investor’s Guide brings betina Purple, chief strategist from Rico Investimentos and Flávio Conde, head of investment analysis at Levante Ideias de Investimentos.

Betina Roxo is also content director at Rico Investimentos, as well as a partner at XP Inc. She is also one of those responsible for the initiatives to increase the number of women in the company. In the Forbes Under 30 list of 2020, she has a degree in Economics from Insper, and an investment specialist, having worked for several institutions.

Flávio Conde, on the other hand, has over 40 years of experience in the Stock Exchange. He has worked at Citibank, Itaú, Banif/CGD, Gradual and WhatsCall Research. He was also a professor at Insper and Ibmec, and now teaches Valuation at the Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp).

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