SBT creates NFTs with key moments by Silvio Santos

With the NFT market still “making a lot of noise”, different companies continue to bet on the idea. One of the big names that are developing non-fungible tokens is SBT, one of the biggest channels in Brazil, which decided to be the first broadcaster in the country to enter the token market and sell cryptoarts.

According to the Making Of website, SBT developed a series of four NFTs with the aim of preserving and honoring some of the most iconic images of SBT presenter and creator Silvio Santos.

The images are of iconic moments of the presenter at the station’s attractions. The four NFTs have moments in 1981’s Where Everything Began, 1996’s From New Home, 1992’s “Topa Tudo por Dinheiro” and 1998’s “Teleton”. One of the NFTs is the scene in which Silvio Santos falls in a pool during the Topa Tudo por Dinheiro program.

NFTs are being sold on inspireIP through bids made with the MATIC cryptocurrency. Each image is selling for around US$ 11.11 USD at MATIC, around BRL 57, with an increase after each bid and each purchase.

The shopping system is not as simple as other platforms trying to reach the general public.

To participate in the auctions it is necessary to have a Metamask account and understand at least a little about how this sector works and even buying MATIC through the DeFi market.

The auction news even has a tutorial for those who want to participate in the purchase of images and how to go through the KYC system, definitely something that is not common for people who might be fans of the television network and is certainly a big barrier for buyers.

According to the information in the marketplace, each image will have only one NFT, “considerably valuing each copy”, if there is interest in buying Silvio Santos’ photos.

The auction will close on September 30th, at 5 pm. According to the information the channel will create advertisements for digital platforms advertising the NFTs.

Despite initial mistakes, it’s interesting to see a name like SBT getting so actively into the NFT and even altcoin-by-association market.