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Season 5 of La Casa de Papel premieres on Netflix this Friday (3) and we’ve already watched the first two episodes.

There are just a few days left for the premiere of season 5 of La Casa de Papel, which hits the Netflix catalog this Friday, September 3, with a grandiose war awaiting TV’s most beloved gang of thieves. At the invitation of the streaming, the I love cinema you’ve already watched the first two episodes of part 1 and we’ll tell you everything you can expect from the new chapters in the plot. Don’t worry: we won’t be giving away season 5 spoilers.

What to expect from season 5 of La Casa de Papel

The first good news about the start of the season is that the tense atmosphere that the trailer promised is exactly what we found at the beginning of the story. After all events and the end of season 4, the circle is closing around the protagonists and the feeling of real danger is one of the main characteristics of the first episodes. In the panel held by the Television Critics Association, producer Jesús Colmenar had confirmed the death of important characters in the new season – an event already expected for a series finale – and, thus, each confrontation seems to be the end of the line.

For those who already liked the style of the action scenes of La Casa de Papel, the beginning of season 5 will not disappoint and the production of the series invested heavily in the visual combat, which has a lot of explosions and a lot of shooting – really, really. The prolonged duration of the action scenes, on the other hand, can make those who like the drama and drama of the plot more so, and even those who wanted to see the answers to some of the most important questions left over from the previous season, a little impatient.

Introduction of new characters


A few days ago, Netflix announced the new characters that would join the story in Season 5 and, from what we’ve seen so far, flashbacks should gain even more space to tell who they are and, above all, why they are important to the plot. this time in the championship, when the series has little time to tie up all the information. In the case of Berlin’s son (Pedro Alonso) and the new military commander, it is easier to predict which roles will be played throughout the story, but for Miguel Ángel Silvestre’s character, Tokyo’s former boyfriend (Úrsula Corberó), information is vague in this first two episodes.

Lisbon, Professor and Sierra

Season 4 of La Casa de Papel ended badly for Professor (Álvaro Morte), who was captured by Sierra (Najwa Nimri). The inspector may even have left the police, but she remains relentless and increasingly menacing. Theories abound about how she’s yet to experience some twist or about revelations from the past and her true intentions, but the path to those expected answers will certainly be dangerous. With the “experience” in the series we’ve had so far, we’ve always expected the Professor to come up with a super elaborate plan to escape, but the series does a good job of leaving that “what now?” feeling.

Meanwhile, we see Lisbon (Itziar Ituño) inside the bench, after the Professor’s crazy strategy that put her in there in Season 4, and her participation is fundamental at the beginning of the story. Throughout last year’s episodes, the thieves have made it clear that plans were getting out of hand and that they were making impromptu decisions – “that’s when everything goes wrong,” they warn.


With the Professor captured, the group is bewildered and emotions running high – a sure recipe for missteps. On the other hand, the lack of meticulous orders to follow underscores the role of leadership and independence that the “band” and especially Tokyo and Lisbon can begin to play later on. Perhaps now, finally, the time has come for the Professor to stop being the only brain behind the assault.

When does the 5th season of La Casa de Papel premiere?

The first part of season 5, with 5 episodes, premieres on Netfix on September 3rd and part 2, on December 3rd.

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