See how to create shortcuts to WhatsApp conversations

Despite the use of WhatsApp being quite broad and widespread, there are still unknown tips. Creating shortcuts to messenger conversations, for example. Although it exists, few people know or use this tool, which can be a handy tool on a daily basis.

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If there are frequent conversations on your list, the feature can make your life a lot easier. Instead of having to open the app and search for that user to talk to, just click a button. Simple, isn’t it?

To help users interested in the feature, below is a step-by-step how to create message shortcuts.

Check out how to create a shortcut to a conversation on WhatsApp

  1. Open the app and tap the chats page;
  2. Click on the contact’s photo and hold the touch. Wait until a new window with options appears;
  3. Check the list and select the option “Add shortcut to conversation”;
  4. Go back to the smartphone’s home screen and look for the icon with the photo of the chosen contact;
  5. Now just click on the icon to continue or start a conversation with the selected person.

It is worth noting that this possibility is not available for iOS (iPhone) users. But there is a tool that can help a lot.

There is a very useful feature present on iPhones. It’s the Recent Conversations Widget, which appears when you pan your device’s home screen to the right.

In this area are the user’s most recent conversations. You can choose to show four or eight icons. Just click on “Show more” or “Show less” at the top right of the screen.

In addition, the user can rearrange the widget order and leave WhatsApp first.

Scroll to the bottom and click “Edit.” On the next screen, tap the “three dots” and hold. Okay, just drag and order as you prefer. Incidentally, you can add or delete widgets on the red button and the green button, respectively.