Serie B: After the departure of Ney Franco, CSA hits the return of an ‘old acquaintance’ ex-Cruzeiro e Chape coach

Maceió, AL, 30 (AFI) – Hours after announcing the departure of coach Ney Franco, the CSA acted quickly and already has a ‘new’ commander for the sequel to Brazilian Series B Championship. It’s about the old acquaintance Mozart, who left Azulão himself four months ago and now returns with the mission of putting the team back in the fight for the G4.

Despite the agreement between the two parties, the official announcement should take place within the next few hours. This will be Mozart’s second visit to Azulão. In the first, he played 37 matches, won 21 wins, eight draws and suffered eight defeats.

Hired in September 2020, he managed to take the CSA to a sprint in the final stretch of Serie B that almost culminated with the access, but in the end, the team ended up being three points behind the G4 and did not rise.

At the beginning of the year, he was ahead of Azulão until April 18, when he was having a good time with CSA in the Alagoas Championship. But, he received a proposal from Chapecoense and preferred to leave the club. He had also been doing a good campaign on the Santa Catarina team, when he was hired by Cruzeiro for the beginning of Serie B, but it didn’t go well and was soon dismissed.

Currently, CSA is ranked 11th in Serie B, with 25 points. Botafogo, at 35, is the first in the G-4. The next challenge is this Friday, at 9.30 pm, in front of Vila Nova, in Rei Pelé.

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