Sesap discusses community transmission of the delta variant and increase in requests for private beds in RN | large northern river

The community transmission of the delta variant in RN and the increase in requests for private beds to treat cases of Covid worry managers of the State Health Department (Sesap) and was the subject of a meeting this Sunday (30) with representatives of regional health.

On that occasion, important points were presented in the epidemiological scenario which, despite showing a favorable moment, both in terms of a decrease in the number of cases and deaths, and in requests for ICU beds in the public service, point out some concerns.

“We noticed some municipalities in red, on alert and, in addition, our concern is with community transmission of the delta variant and the 63,000 people across the state who have not sought out vaccination posts to complete their vaccination schedule. This is a fact that requires great care”, highlighted the health secretary Cipriano Maia.

Another worrying point is the slight increase in requests for private beds, which demonstrates a path already taken at other times in the state that preceded the peaks of the pandemic. “The request for private beds has some important points that we can assess. One of them is this path already covered before, which we need to be aware of so that we can fight a possible new wave of the pandemic”, said Lyane Ramalho, Sesap’s Undersecretary for Planning and Management.

Rio Grande do Norte confirmed until last Friday (28) three cases of the delta variant. Two are family members and detected in people who have no record of vaccination and the other case is in a patient who was discharged and with a record of only one dose of immunizing agent.

“The population needs to understand that so that we can face the pandemic in a conscious and efficient way, only if we are completely immunized”, reaffirms Lyane Ramalho.

According to Sesap, another important point is to maintain genomic surveillance. “We are in the investigation phase, but we already need to be under surveillance so that the virus does not spread. Delta is a highly transmissible variant, which can leave the state again at a peak level”, said Diana Rêgo, deputy coordinator of epidemiological surveillance at Sesap.

The secretariat intends to strengthen communication with municipalities on the continuity of maintaining social distance, the correct use of the mask and the importance of vaccination in all territories. In addition, strategies will be drawn up with regional health and municipalities to strengthen easier access to the second dose.

“Sesap reinforces that even in a comfortable moment, Rio Grande do Norte cannot relax with any measure. Every effort is essential to guarantee the fight against the pandemic and save more and more lives”, concluded Secretary Cipriano Maia.

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