Sikêra Jr. and Sonia Abrão can go off the air on RedeTV!

After a heated assembly on Monday (30), the Union of workers in Broadcasting and Television Companies in the State of São Paulo, approved a strike in the TV network! from 12:00 am this Tuesday (31). The station’s employees charge a salary increase of 18.72% already approved in 2018 by companies in the same segment. With this, attractions such as “Alerta Nacional” and “A Tarde é Sua”, both shown live by the channel, may go off the air.

In a note published on the official website, the Union of workers in Broadcasting and Television Companies in the State of São Paulo highlights that employees of RedeTV! have not received a salary increase for four years and that the channel currently pays the worst salary in the market compared to other broadcasters.

“RedeTV broadcasters! wages without readjustments for more than four years, including economic clauses contained in the Collective Bargaining of the Category. With no interest from the leadership in negotiating, the only thing left for the workers was to declare a strike. The wage losses of workers are 18.72%, if considering the retroactive it reaches 354%. And RedeTV! pays the worst salary on the market here in São Paulo”, states note.

With the start of the strike in a few hours, employees in the categories of human resources, image editors, cameras, lawyers, secretaries, video operators, maids, video producers, cleaning ladies, physical education teachers and security guards will paralyze their activities already in the first few seconds of tomorrow.

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Before opting for the strike, employees and the union representing the categories that fall under the readjustment tried a friendly increase with the direction of RedeTV!. Despite the collective effort, the station did not release an immediate proposal and a meeting was held last Tuesday (24) for approval by the assembly.

According to columnist Gabriel Vaquer of the website Notícias da TV, before the strike was declared, the direction of RedeTV! launched a timid proposal for a 3.8% salary increase for all categories. However, employees rejected the low increase and will paralyze their activities at the company.

Earlier, the report from IN OFF contacted RedeTV! requesting a position from the station on the employees’ claims, but so far we have not had a response. On the other hand, the Union reinforces the request for an increase in work. “It’s been four years without any consideration for the workers. Now that will change”.

Even refusing to increase employee salaries by 18.72%, something that has already been adopted by competing companies, RedeTV! does not stop investing in its programming with new attractions and announced the hiring of famous people such as Alinne Prado, Maurício Meirelles, Júlio Cocielo and Luis Ernesto Lacombe. Furthermore, Amilcare Dallevo Jr., one of the owners of the station, is enjoying a vacation in Italy.

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