Son of Wagner Pires de S charges more than R$120,000 from Cruzeiro na Justia

(Photo: Rodolfo Rodrigues/Cruzeiro)

The Cruise is the target of another lawsuit in Justice. Humberto Magalhes Santos Pires de S, a former employee, charges more than R$ 127,000 from the club in a lawsuit filed on August 27, at the 17th Labor Court. He is the son of Wagner Pires de S, president who was marred by scandals of irregularities in the management and the Grade B relegation in 2019.

Humberto Pires de S charges indemnity related to salaries, vacations, collection of FGTS and fines for the end of the contract. The total value of the cause of R$ 127,557.42. At the time acting as an advisor to the president, he resigned from the club in January 2020 after Wagner stepped down.

The former employee, who worked at Toca da Raposa I and was hired on March 1, 2018, soon after his father took office, claimed that he held the position of advisor to the presidency. He also requested a request for free justice, justifying that he does not have the financial resources to pay the procedural costs. According to the petition, Humberto received a salary of R$12,639.

“The Defendant (Cruise) did not pay the severance payments in time and manner, did not correctly collect the FGTS, with several jurisdictions outstanding, as well as did not correctly pay the thirteenth and expired vacation, as detailed below. In an attempt to minimize the loss , the Respondent voluntarily provided the Complainant with a list of all open and unpaid funds, see annex. That said, in view of the Respondent’s non-compliance with the national labor legislation, the need to seek jurisdictional protection for this labor claim is materialized.” detailed the labor.

In the petition, Humberto Pires de S alleges that Cruzeiro did not pay the severance payments. It charges BRL 2,527.80, amount referring to the balance of salary, BRL 10,532.50 for proportional holidays, BRL 3,861.92 as 1/3 of the holiday, BRL 13,902.90 in indemnity by prior notice, BRL 1,053 .25 for the 13th salary proportional to the notice, in addition to R$ 1,053.25 for the vacation on indemnified notice.

He also claimed in the petition that Cruzeiro did not properly pay the FGTS during the contract period, and that he did not receive the salaries of November 2019 from the club, in addition to the 13th of 2019 and December of the same year. The former employee asks for a 50% fine if the debts are not paid by the date of the first hearing.

Wagner Pires de S chaired Cruzeiro from January 2018 to December 2019. In addition to the pfia campaign that led the club to the unprecedented Grade B relegation from the Brazilian Nationals, the management was marked by scandals and complaints of administrative irregularities, with the participation of businessmen. He is investigated by the Civil Police after a complaint filed by the Public Ministry, for falsifying documents, fraudulent misrepresentation, embezzlement, criminal organization and money laundering.