Son of Wagner Pires goes to court against Cruzeiro and charges R$ 127 thousand

Humberto Magalhães Santos Pires de Sá was an advisor to the presidency during the period his father presided over the star club

Humberto Magalhães Santos Pires de Sá, the son of the former president of Cruzeiro, Wagner Pires, filed a lawsuit in the Labor Court charging R$ 127,554.42 in unpaid wages, FGTS, among other claims. During the period that his father was in charge of the starring team, Humberto was simply included in the list of employees of Cruzeiro as an advisor to the presidency.

He was hired in March 2018, two months after Wagner assumed power at the club, and he remained exercising this administrative function until January 6, 2020, when he was fired by Cruzeiro.

Among the list of petitions to the Court, Humberto Pires de Sá states that Cruzeiro did not pay the severance payments, did not correctly collect the FGTS in the period corresponding to April 2019 until December 2019, curiously the period that his father still exercised the position of president of Fox. Humberto also complains about a residual from January 2020, incorrect vacation and 13th payments, in addition to non-payment of salaries in November and December 2019.

The Civil Police concluded, through Operation Primeira Tempo, evidence of document forgery, misappropriation, criminal organization and money laundering during the Wagner Pires de Sá administration in Cruzeiro. He didn’t even complete his term, leaving ahead of schedule. .

In addition to Wagner, former vice-president Itair Machado, former director Sérgio Nonato and four other businessmen were indicted. He left Cruzeiro at the end of 2019, after the club’s relegation to Serie B and a year-to-date debt of nearly R$800 million. Due to the crisis, the team had to dismiss high-paid players and reshape the club for a new reality.

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