Star+ should become ‘headache’ for pay TV

Disney’s bet is that the service will become ‘streaming the sport’ and have ‘one Olympics a day’; launch is scheduled for this Tuesday, 31.

Many still do not understand the “fragmented” strategy of Disney in streaming, but in the company’s logic everything makes sense around the Star Plus. The service, as already announced, will bring together all productions that carried the FOX brand and were intended for a more adult audience, as well as those from Disney itself. The ESPN and FOX Sports brands will also be present and the sport will be highlighted.

In a recent interview, Carlos Maluf, head of Sports at Disney Brazil, highlighted that the company will not have strong competition in sports offerings via streaming. According to him, the players who advertise have one or at most two major events.

Disney, for the weekend, promises to broadcast at least 70 football games on Star+. The executive emphasizes that it will be like having an “Olympics” a day. There will be football, rugby, cycling, tennis and many others all at the same time.

Regarding pay TV, it is promised a fit on both sides, but Maluf is emphatic that the best will be in streaming. Disney, controller of Star+, is currently the largest holder of broadcast events in the Brazilian market. The purchase of FOX further empowered the conglomerate giant.


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For pay TV, it’s a warning. After all, sport is still a big push to increase or even ‘hold’ customers in the segment. With the trend to strengthen the presence of sporting events in streaming, the phenomenon of migration from pay-TV to streaming could become even greater.

But the absence of Brazilian football on Star+ could still make it difficult for sports fans to join the new streaming. This part is still massively concentrated on open TV with Grupo Globo, which owns SporTV and Premiere.

With information from TV News