Sylvinho sees Corinthians under construction and says he is happy with reinforcements: “They qualify too much” | well friends!

Guest of “Bem, Amigos!”, on SporTV, the commander of Timão revealed that he took an active part in the search for reinforcements and liked the result. For him, the trend is for growth.

– Corinthians, we know, is in a construction phase. I don’t use the word rebuild, the club is very big, but it is a stage we are going through. (…) The arrival of athletes, as they asked me. Important athletes. I have been aligned with the board, there were situations that provided opportunities. The president was very happy, along with the board, to bring them. The last round of the first round is missing, then a second. But all this construction is being done with a base of athletes who have a positive history at the club, with titles, and still have ambition.

– And mixed with young people, under-23, let’s say, athletes who left the land and are looking for opportunities. We, who are fruits of the soil, know that they come with desire. What we want is to use them at the right time, a better time, if it’s not difficult, it even ends up losing the athlete in an important phase of his. I say again, the arrival of these athletes, that we will see when we can have them in the championship. They are athletes who come to qualify the cast a lot, who are receiving them with great joy. We look for better performance. The fans did not want to have a year like this, we would like to be fighting for titles, but we are happy with the three victories, in breathing, it is an important week – said Sylvinho.

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Sylvinho in “Well, Friends!” — Photo: Reproduction

Sylvinho, however, made a point of emphasizing a few times that the time is for “construction”, and that this requires tranquility. Even to launch younger players into the incoming reinforcements.

This is an issue in which it is always good to receive these athletes, it qualifies the club a lot, but let’s not forget the construction moment. I see that in the second half of the championship we are able to perform better. Results, through performance, should follow, but this is all should. It’s a time to change the car’s tire while he’s on the move, but the club was happy and provided a good opportunity for these athletes to come.

Sylvinho talks about Corinthians' calendar with only the Brazilian: "Decreases the risk of injury"

Sylvinho talks about Corinthians’ calendar with only the Brazilian: “It reduces the risk of injury”

– I’m happy with young people. Du had a good match with Grêmio, first game as a starter, comes from the base as a full-back, trained with us as a midfielder, has good defensive perceptions on the four-line, started training there if Fagner couldn’t play and responded well . I’m very happy, Ron, Adson, João Victor, and now also Du, who has incorporated this spirit well and is able to grow. Athletes know the sacrifice that this shirt requires, I have given them a lot, and they have understood – said the coach from Corinthians.

Sylvinho, coach of Corinthians, on “Bem, Amigos!” — Photo: Reproduction

Faced with the new hires, Sylvinho was also asked about the situation of attacking midfielder Luan. In low, the shirt 7 came to spend four games in a row without leaving the bench. On the other hand, he started in the 1-0 victory over Grêmio, last Saturday. The technician says to count on him.

Luan is a high level athlete, who has to be respected for his history and achievements. The club bets for him. As I have said, he is an athlete who trains with commitment and dedication. We’re at a moment of construction, I’m sorry to touch that, but that’s it. (…) Luan is an athlete who is helping. He started as a starter as a nine, Jô was not in full physical condition. Luan had a small injury, Jô took over and the team keeps moving. We are having difficulties in building a move, a cleaner exit, so Jô often comes to calm down, retain and distribute. It fell very well on the team, and he has arrived in the area to score a goal.

Sylvinho talks about exchanging experiences with Tite and other trainers: "very rich conversations"

Sylvinho talks about exchanging experiences with Tite and other coaches: “Very rich conversations”

– Luan is an athlete who completes all this. The presence of high-level, technically qualified athletes, at the moment they reach their peak, Roger himself is arriving now, I’ll have the first contact tomorrow, Willian we’re waiting… It’s to see their real condition, train them. them, make them play. Luan is part of this process, he is a combination athlete, he likes to play with good technical quality around him, he grows with these athletes, there is this expectation – Sylvinho explained.

The coach spoke about the importance of the training period in recent weeks. With no other competitions in the season, Corinthians has only the Brasileirão to play and will only return to the field on September 7, against Juventude, at Neo Química Arena.

– Measuring this is difficult. We wanted to be in competitions. We left the Copa do Brasil early, it opened up opportunities at the Brazilian Nationals to play games every seven days. It gives you the margin that, in my case, more than the training itself, the athletes will pick up and reproduce on the field, also that, every two games a week, the risk of injury increases. We ended up eliminating this process a bit. In addition to putting the concepts to the athletes, there is also the athlete’s choice.

– It’s a young group, with base athletes maturing and wanting their minutes, and we seek a team balance. We are talking about a construction so that we could find ourselves in a better situation, so that we can continue the work with more peace of mind.

Sylvinho also spoke about Tite, his “mentor”, and the Brazilian team. Watch below:

Sylvinho talks about Tite's moment in the Brazilian team: "You won't feel any pressure"

Sylvinho talks about Tite’s moment in the Brazilian team: “You won’t feel any pressure”