Tablet is released with promise to help educate children

A novelty should please children and parents connected to modern technology. Google brought to Brazil a new tablet software aimed at educating children. Kids Space was developed in partnership with Multilaser and hit the market this week.

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In fact, the app already exists in other countries and was launched in partnership with Lenovo and Walmart. In Brazil, however, Multilaser entered the game and offers a tablet equipped with the tool.

O Kids Space is basically a program with games, books and videos. All materials are previously analyzed and approved by educators and experts in the field. In this way, it provides an appropriate digital environment for little ones.

Multilaser model will have the software

The feature will come standard with the Multilaser M8 4G tablet. For now, the suggested price of the device is around R$ 1 thousand. However, the manufacturer has already stated that it plans to introduce another six tablet models on the market in 2021. All new models will be equipped with Google Kids Space.

According to Google, more than 4.3 thousand people were heard, including children, teachers and parents. The company reinforces that it carried out 47 studies to validate the project’s efficiency.

Google Kids Space is designed to give parents control over the content they access. It is possible to define parameters of what they accept or not regarding their own children’s education.

In this sense, the software works in conjunction with Family Link. This tool allows parental control of Google. The time of use and what is being accessed can be monitored by those responsible.

The novelty offers a wide range of options. It is allowed to download and install apps like Meets or games, for example. This, of course, depends on the judgment of the child’s legal guardians.

High customization

The tablet equipped with Kids Space makes room for high customization and personalization. Thus, the device was created to awaken creativity in a playful way.

At a time when technology has taken over everyday life, novelty can be a great ally.