Tatá Werneck gets pistol with producer who erased Lady Night’s recording · TV News

Tatá Werneck made an outburst on social media this Tuesday morning (31). The comedian was irritated to discover that the producer responsible for Lady Night, Floresta Produções, erased all raw material recorded from the program, even after she asked for everything to be preserved. “I’m pretty upset,” she said.

“I always wanted to put the raw material in the air [do quadro] from the specialists because we edit with a lot of attachment,” she began, on her Twitter profile. “The raw is much better than the edited, even, but we have little time in the air,” she explained.

In the panel of interviews with experts, Tatá has a conversation full of absurd questions, sometimes with puns, with professionals from different areas – from sexologist to Santa Claus at the mall.

“I went to ask the producer for this material because I always told her I wanted to use it one day. And the producer erased everything,” said the actress. “Years and years of material that I always warned you I wanted to use. Hours of improvisation. All thrown away,” she lamented.

“To give you an idea, there was a kiss from Caetano [Veloso] in Rafa [Vitti] that did not air. So much I wanted to do with that material. And I always warned you,” the artist vented. “Sorry, it may seem silly, but there are times of improvisation there, of encounters, thrown away by the producer,” she wrote.

Tatá also made a point of making it clear that Globo was not responsible for erasing the material. “Lady Night is made by a producer,” she clarified. The program airs in Multishow as the first window. Only after the complete airing of the season on the paid channel are the best episodes shown by Globo.

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