The animal is a monster! Chimpanzee does a series of push-ups in a zoo – News

The monster did not come out of the cage. But after that, he sent a hefty series of push-ups to visitors to a zoo in Chongqing, China. That’s how chimpanzee Yu Hui gained a few seconds of fame and a little more fiber in his already strengthened arms.

According to a video shared on the networks, he was motivated by interacting with one of the humans on the spot, who acted as a training instructor.

The chimpanzee’s pose at the end of the exercise also caught the public’s attention, which could well be translated as “Today’s got paid!”

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According to the Daily Mail tabloid, Yu Hui is currently 20 years old and this is not the first time he has attracted attention on the internet.

In 2019, the energetic chimpanzee was spotted washing a white T-shirt with a brush, soap and water. Episode that was properly addressed here in HORA 7.

However, at the time, a zoo spokesman stated that the local team would still try to define what led Yu Hui to develop this behavior.

Despite leaving many stunned, one Internet user concluded that the simple copying and execution of human tasks hides something deeper in chimpanzees.

“They silently watch,” the user wrote in the Daily Mail’s comments section, “planning the day they take over the planet,” he said.

Now, have you ever heard about a human-chimpanzee hybrid? According to a scientist, he existed… Understand below!