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inshallah! It was here that they asked for a soap opera at Worth seeing again? Celebrating 20 years of its exhibition, O Clone will return to TV in October in the afternoon track. From October 4th, the public will be able to miss the plot signed by Gloria Perez, starring Giovanna Antonelli and Murilo Benício.

"Every dive is a flash!": check out the catchphrases of 'The Clone'

“Every dive is a flash!”: check out the catchphrases of ‘The Clone’

This is the second time the work has been shown on the Worth seeing again. The first was in 2011 when production completed 10 years.

“It’s a very human story, with very current themes: cloning, ethical dilemmas, experiences with chimeras, chemical dependency, family dramas, love. And there is also the very playful aspect of Muslim culture, the beauty of clothing, makeup, dances, customs…”, summarized the author.

See the before and after cast:

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The Clone: ​​Jade dances and Lucas watches her

The Clone: ​​Jade dances and Lucas watches her

Don’t remember the story? Follow the veil! 💃💃💃

fate crosses the life of Jade (Giovanna Antonelli) and Lucas (Murilo Benício) in the 80s. Daughter of Muslims, born and raised in Brazil, the young woman goes to live in Morocco with her uncle, There (Stênio Garcia) after his mother’s death. It is there that the couple falls in love at first sight.

But guess what? Yes! They are prevented from being together because of the customs followed by the girl’s family.

It’s not a toy, no! 😲😲😲

Lucas goes to Jade's wedding dressed as a woman

Lucas goes to Jade’s wedding dressed as a woman

Did you find little? Lucas loses his twin brother Diogo in a helicopter crash. With this tragedy, Lucas goes back on his plans to run away with Jade. Our protagonist, with no alternative, returns to her family and marries Said (Dalton Vigh), your promised.

The clone is born

The clone is born

Meanwhile… Shaken by the death of his godson, the scientist Albieri (Juca de Oliveira) decides to clone Lucas, as a way to bring Diogo back and fulfill a dream: to be the first to clone a human being.

In secret, he uses the cells of the fox in the formation of the embryo and inserts it into Goddess (Adriana Lessa), who thinks he is doing ordinary artificial insemination.

Every dive is a Flash! 😶😶😶

Khadija doesn't want to talk to Jade

Khadija doesn’t want to talk to Jade

Almost 20 years later, Jade had a daughter with Said, Khadija (Carla Diaz). Lucas, in turn, is married to maysa (Daniela Escobar) and has a daughter, Honey (Debora Falabella). He gave up his dreams to take care of his father’s company. Until our couple is reunited in Rio de Janeiro and the old love is reborn.

Lucas sends Mel to be hospitalized

Lucas sends Mel to be hospitalized

In the midst of all this, Lucas has to face his daughter’s chemical dependency and, once again, gives up Jade, who feels sacrificed like a sheep

Lucas knows his clone

Lucas knows his clone

Until then, the clone named Léo lives with his mother and grandmother, and has Albieri as his godfather. On a trip to Morocco in the scientist’s company, Léo sees Jade and immediately falls in love, just as happened to Lucas years ago. See the size of the mess?

Zeca Pagodinho visits Dona Jura's bar

Zeca Pagodinho visits Dona Jura’s bar

In addition to the catchphrases that fell into the mouths of the people, the bar Jura (Solange Couto) became a fever among the famous and had a respectable list of guest appearances: from Zeca Pagodinho The Skin.

Second soap opera by Juliana Paes and last appearance by Mario Lago on TV, the production also won an award and FBI recognition for Gloria Perez and Jayme Monjardim, director of the plot’s core, for the anti-drug action promoted in the telenovela.

Jade and Lucas in ‘The Clone’ scene — Photo: Jayme Monjardim/Globo

Uncle Ali sent word that whoever loses a chapter will burn in the marble of hell. 😂😂😂

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