Tiago Leifert gets emotional and thanks Fausto Silva at the Super Dance final

James Leifert
Tiago Leifert (Reproduction/TV Globo)

The host James Leifert, 41 years old, could not contain himself and was moved to tears as he thanked the production of the Super Dance of the Famous, from Globo, and to Fausto Silva, former presenter of the channel’s Sunday finals.

Leifert said that the edition of Super Dance of the Famous 21 was the biggest ever, and he made a point of praising the team behind the camera for helping him take over the show in a hurry:

“The greatest Dance of the Famous of all time. Our affection for the artists and teachers who have passed through here. Also in the thanks, congratulations to the entire technical team. You guys are very good,” he said, which was tears.

“In my career, I had to replace Glenda Kozlowski, Léo Batista, Tino Marcos, Bial and Faustão. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. And it was all better and more special because of you on the team. It was very easy, I swear. I thought it was going to be so hard and you guys made it look easy. I just got here and had fun like you guys. I just got here, said some gooseberries to the camera and everything worked out. So, my thanks to the team that received me so well. The Sunday audience also for all the affection, you were very nice to me from the beginning”, he said.

thanked Faustão

Finally, the journalist sent a kiss to Fausto Silva, the Faustão, and thanked the veteran for having followed his career since he was 16 years old:

“My final kiss is to you, Faustão. Thanks. Faustão is my friend. He has been with me since I was 16 years old, since the first time I professionally held a microphone on “Desafio ao Galo”, a program he worked on in floodplain soccer. He accompanies me and encourages me. I only managed to be here because it was Fausto, because I know I’m with him and he’s with me all the time. Thanks for the opportunity. I’m a supporting cast,” he declared.

Thank you on social media

A little later on his official Instagram account, Tiago Leifert thanked him and said that the most unexpected period of her life had ended:

“The most unexpected period of my career ended today! Many thanks to the sensational Dance team, to Fausto and especially to the Sunday audience, who were affectionate and receptive from day one. And so ends my sixteenth season featuring a reality show. Next stop: The Voice Brasil 10!”, he said in the caption.