Tiago Nunes will have the support of Daniel Azambuja in Ceará to deepen his knowledge of the alvinegro cast – Jogada

The coach James Nunes will face a process of adaptation completely in the Ceará Sporting Club. Announced as the new coach of the Ceará team last Monday (30), the commander only worked with one athlete from the current team in Alvinegro (Yony González). In all, the 41-year-old gaucho will have 35 players available.

To make the process easier, Tiago Nunes will have the support of fixed commission of the alvinegra team, led by Daniel Azambuja. In addition, the new coach will receive videos as well as athlete reports provided by the club’s performance analysis department.

Ceara cast

  • goalkeepers: André Luiz, João Ricardo, Vinícius Machado and Richard
  • defenders: Messias, Klaus, Luiz Otávio, Gabriel Lacerda and Alan Uchôa
  • right-backs: Gabriel Dias and Buiú
  • left side: Bruno Pacheco, Alessandro and Kelvyn
  • steering wheels: Marlon, Pedro Naressi, Oliveira, Fernando Sobral, William Oliveira, Geovane and Fabinho
  • midfielders: Vina and Jorginho
  • attackers: Jael, Jacaré, Airton, Erick, Yony Gonzalez, Helio Borges, João Victor, Rick, Cléber, Lima, Mendoza and Wendson

Rick is Ceará’s top scorer in Serie A of the Brazilian Championship, with 4 goals scored

Fabiane de Paula / SVM

game style

Tiago Nunes’ main challenge ahead of Ceará will be the implementation of a offensive philosophy. The available squad has names that meet the characteristics of the gaucho commander: sprinter tips, builder steering wheels and treble socks.

The coach likes to cast his teams primarily in the 4-2-3-1, structure used by Guto Ferreira, in which the athletes are already accustomed, being able to change to the 4-4-2 and 4-3-3. One of the criteria adopted by the Ceará summit is to have a creative team in the A Series of the Brazilian Championship.

Presentation and start of work

Tiago Nunes will be officially presented to the press this Wednesday (1st) after performing his first training as the new coach of Ceará. The captain will have 11 days until the team’s next duel in Serie A, scheduled for September 12 (Sunday), against Grêmio, in Porto Alegre.

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