TV Owner A Crítica wants to buy RedeTV!

The Erlan Bastos column IN OFF, found with exclusivity that businessman Dissica Calderaro, owner and owner of Grupo A Crítica in Amazonas, wants to buy RedeTV! or part of the actions that give it power within the broadcaster. The businessman is known for his boldness. Dissica even bought international program formats to be shown on Amazonas. It remains to be seen how much money is revolving around this negotiation. We sought Dissica to comment on the matter, however, the businessman did not want to comment.

TV A Crítica, already well known by the viewer, was for years an affiliate of Record TV. In 2019 a turnaround occurred, the channel chose to walk alone and become an independent broadcaster. Journalist Sikêra Jr, currently the presenter of RedeTV!, headed the “Alerta Amazonas” at the time. Nowadays, in the open channel grid, it changed to “National Alert”. Amazonas also accompanies the controversial anchor, the name of the attraction is just “Alerta”.

In 2009, the Manaus station gained a strong popular appeal, becoming the first Record affiliate in the North Region with digital signal technology. In partnership with Record Internacional, the match between Vasco and Fast Clube, for the Copa Brasil de Beach Soccer, directly from Centro Cultural Povos da Amazônia.

The affection of TV A Crítica with Sikera Jr. it is so big that, even outside the channel, the station gives the space and setting for the journalist to command the National Alert. The news broadcast by RedeTV! airs live throughout Brazil. In March of this year, the São Paulo channel faced a major crisis and behind the scenes the negative comments continue.

Continues after advertising

After reducing salaries, the station was forced by Justice to expose the balance sheets. According to Notícias da TV, the Union of Journalists of the State of São Paulo (SJSP) won in court and managed to gain access to the values ​​of advertising contracts and balance sheets carried out by the broadcaster between 2019 and 2020. The alleged purchase of RedeTV! , would be a salvation for the channel that goes through perrengue.

Even with all its power, TV A Crítica was always very demanding and remained firm in decision-making. The channel was also an affiliate of SBT and in 2007 they showed they wanted to leave the station, due to orders from Silvio Santos and sudden changes in programming. That’s how it happened and Record was chosen as a partner.

In 2019, Dissica Calderaro, made it clear that the intention of being an independent broadcaster was to broaden the focus on the state. In May of the year before last, they ended their affiliation with the open channel, which also brought an impact was that Record launched Record TV Manaus, replacing the space in the region.

On leaving the affiliation with Record, Dissica spoke at the time: “We hope to turn the month [de maio] out of respect, to advertisers, to the history we live. From June 1 onwards it no longer made sense to wait for a date unilaterally stipulated by them. We gave our cry for independence”.

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