‘Two faces’ debuts on Globoplay; reminisce about revenge and controversy with pole dance | Pop & Art

The soap opera “Two face” debut this Monday (30) on Globoplay. Shown in 2007, Aguinaldo Silva’s plot tells a story of revenge with Marjorie Estiano and Dalton Vigh.

To get in the mood, the G1 it recalls some of the main moments, in addition to curiosities, with data from Memória Globo (read more at the end of the article).

the young Maria Paula (Marjorie Estiano) against Marconi Ferraço/Adalberto Rangel (Dalton Vigh), a mysterious man who, after marrying her out of interest, disappears taking all his fortune.

Tarcísio Meira in the soap opera ‘Duas Caras’ — Photo: Globo/Renato Rocha Miranda

When he was little, Juvenaldo (André Luiz Frambach/ Dalton Vigh) lives with his family in a poor region of Pernambuco and is sold by his father to the foreigner Hermógenes (Tarcísio Meira). He gets the name Adalberto and learns tricks from the traveler.

Adalberto witnesses the fatal accident involving Waldemar (Fulvio Stefanini) and Gabriela (Bia Seidl). When searching the car, he finds packages of dollars, documents and a photo of Maria Paula, the couple’s only child, heiress to a large fortune. Willing to apply the coup, he goes with the police to Passaredo.

Two Faces: Adalberto steals Maria Paula

Two Faces: Adalberto steals Maria Paula

Before long, the two are married in common property. But Adalberto leaves stealing everything from his wife, leaving the young woman pregnant. To change his life, he undergoes several plastic surgeries and assumes a new identity: that of businessman Marconi Ferraço.

In a TV report, Maria Paula recognizes Marconi and moves to Rio de Janeiro with her son in search of revenge.

FLavia Alessandra in the soap opera ‘Duas Caras’ — Photo: Globo/Leo Lemos

The character Alzira (Flávia Alessandra) started the soap opera pretending to be a nurse, but she actually had a secret: she went out at night to dance at the whiskey in Jojô (Wilson dos Santos), where she presented herself as “The Other”, with her face hidden .

Alzira’s performance dancing at the pole dance was the club’s big hit. She wanted to save money so that her husband, Dorgival (Ângelo Antônio), could undergo heart surgery.

Two Faces: Pole Dance

Two Faces: Pole Dance

The dance was the target of controversy. Considered appealing, it was one of those responsible for the indicative reclassification of the telenovela, which is now prohibited for children under 14 years of age. She left the scene for a while, then returned to the plot, in a more discreet way.

Curiosities and backstage

  • Duas Caras was the first TV Globo soap opera to be fully recorded and broadcast in high definition.
  • Aguinaldo Silva faced several controversies during the telenovela. In one of them, the then mayor of Rio, Cesar Maia, complained that the plot favored Rio’s negative approach. One of the targets of the complaints was the chapter in which Lucimar (Cristina Galvão) asks Deputy Narciso (Marcos Winter) for a vacancy for the child in a school that didn’t approve of everyone.
  • The telenovela marked the debut of Marjorie Estiano as the protagonist of a TV Globo telenovela, after the good repercussion of her performances as Natasha, from the series Malhação, which she performed in 2004 and 2005; and the young Marina, from Páginas da Vida (2006).
  • Vera Fischer, Totia Meireles, Vanessa Giácomo, Eriberto Leão and the children Ana Karolina Lannes and Matheus Costa only participated in the beginning of the plot. Vanessa was pregnant with her first child and even recorded some scenes as a pregnant woman.
  • The title of the telenovela was used to name a police investigation, called Operation Duas Caras, carried out by the 59th DP (Caxias) to arrest military police officers from the 15th BPM (Caxias), suspected of involvement in drug trafficking.
  • “Duas Caras” premiered on Portuguese broadcaster SIC on November 5, 2007, ranking among the ten most watched programs in the country.

Antonio Fagundes as Juvenal Antena, in Duas Caras — Photo: Rede Globo

Wilker played Fernando Macieira in the soap opera ‘Duas Caras’ — Photo: Taissa Stivanin / TV Globo

Paulo Goulart as Heriberto and Susana Vieira as Branca, characters from the 2007 soap opera ‘Duas Caras’ — Photo: Leo Lemos/TV Globo

Chica Xavier records with Flávia Alessandra a scene from the soap opera “Duas Caras” — Photo: João Miguel Junior?/TV Globo