Unimed Lar ignores a 95-year-old patient and suspends physical therapy at home

Unimed Lar is communicating, through phone calls and in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the suspension of the home care service for patients who need physical therapy and, due to limitations and mobility difficulties, cannot leave the house to a clinic to receive treatment. Unimed users, even with advanced age, entered the company’s scissors.

One of the 95-year-old patients, who received a visit from a physical therapist at her home three times a week, reacted with sadness and indignation to the statement from Unimed Lar, in Fortaleza, made this Monday afternoon. . Gently, the Unimed employee formalizes the immediate suspension of the physiotherapy service.

The person responsible for the patient, when questioning the reasons for the abrupt interruption of care, received as justification the information that the measure was for an administrative matter. The aforementioned patient, whose identity is preserved on the site, was hospitalized in 2020, returned home and, over the past 9 months, had been receiving periodic visits from professionals in the areas of physiotherapy, speech therapy, general practice and nutrition. Now, it is without physiotherapy, so essential for those who have limitations, need care and for those who pay dearly for the health plan.

Unimed Lar, when publicly speaking about the cut-off of physiotherapy services at home, will have its version

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