Unipar (UNIP6) presents a proposal to buy Braskem assets (BRKM5), says the newspaper

Unipar (UNIP6) presents a proposal to buy Braskem assets (BRKM5), says the newspaper
Braskem. Photo: Instagram Play

Unipar (UNIP6) presented a non-binding proposal to Novonor to buy assets from Braskem (BRKM5) at the ABC Petrochemical Complex, according to the newspaper Value this Monday (30).

According to sources heard by the newspaper, this would be a strategy of the Unipair to gain access to the ethylene — hydrocarbon that serves as a raw material for the production of PVC.

The newspaper recalls that this movement is part of the process of Novonor’s divestment in Braskem. But, when contacted by the newspaper, Unipar stated that “it has no current proposal with Braskem.”

Last month, the Value had pointed out that Braskem could be divided into blocks of assets separated by regions. The operation would aim to increase the result for the sellers. Sources interviewed by the newspaper highlighted that “the focus is really to maximize value”.

According to the newspaper, the Novonor (ex-Odebrecht), which owns about 38.25% of the petrochemical company, continued with the intention of selling its share in a single operation. However, potential buyers would have shown more interest in specific petrochemical operations.

According to the report, during the stage in which buyers sent non-binding offers, interested parties submitted proposals for all of Novonor’s participation, and also for operations in the United States and on the European continent. already the brazilian operation of braskem it should not be sold in separate parts, informs the newspaper report.

Petrobras (PETR4) plans to exchange Braskem assets with Odebrecht

Just yesterday, the column by Lauro Jardim, from the newspaper The globe, stated that the Petrobras (PETR4) would be planning to exchange Braskem’s assets (BRKM5) for assets in Rio de Janeiro with Novonor.

Petrobras’ board of directors is planning to exchange with the contractor the 36% that the state-owned company has in the capital of the Braskem assets in Rio de Janeiro responsible for 28% of the petrochemicals’ cash generation. According to the journalist, the idea was presented to the board of directors on a preliminary basis by director Refining and Gas, Rodrigo Costa. And, in September, it must be submitted for approval.