value and time limit for transfers

The Central Bank of Brazil released a series of Pix changes. The changes are part of a package of measures to increase the security of the payment method.

Among the main changes is the limit of BRL 1 thousand in overnight transfers that occur between 8 pm and 6 am the next day. The limit includes payments with debit cards and interbank transfers.

Transfers that occur during the day will also be changed. In this case, the client’s limit for TEDs will be taken into account, according to the monetary authority.

According to the director of Financial System Organization and Resolution, João Manoel Pinho de Mello, the objective is to discourage criminals from carrying out lightning kidnappings with the aim of extorting money.

The user who needs to increase the transfer limit for some reason must make a request through the digital channel.

The response period is a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 48 hours, preventing an immediate increase in risk.

Check out the others Pix changes:

  • offering customers the ability to set different transactional limits on Pix for daytime and nighttime, allowing for lower limits at night;
  • determine that institutions offer functionality that allows users to pre-register accounts that may receive Pix above the established limits, allowing them to keep their limits low for other transactions;
  • establish a minimum period of 24 hours for the prior registration of accounts via digital channel to take effect, preventing immediate registration in a risk situation;
  • allow Pix recipient participants to hold a transaction for 30 minutes during the day or for 60 minutes at night for transaction risk analysis, informing the user of the hold;
  • make mandatory the mechanism, which already exists and is now optional, for marking in the Directory of Transactional Account Identifiers (DICT) of accounts for which there is evidence of use in Pix fraud, including in the case of transactions carried out between accounts held with the same participant ;
  • allow consultations with the DICT to feed the institutions’ fraud prevention systems, in order to curb crimes involving the same account in other means of payment and with other banking services;
  • require Pix participants to adopt additional controls in relation to transactions involving accounts marked on the DICT, including for the purpose of refusing to process them, thus combating the use of rental or “orange” accounts;
  • to require participants in electronic payment arrangements to timely share with law enforcement authorities information about transactions suspected of involvement in criminal activities;
  • require additional controls on fraud from regulated institutions, reporting to the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors or, in their absence, to the Executive Board, as well as keeping such information available to the Central Bank; and
  • require behavioral and credit history so that companies can anticipate receivables from cards with payment on the same day (D+0), mitigating the occurrence of fraud.

At Pix changes, released last Friday (8/27), will be valid as of next week.

TJ SP contest

The notice of TJ SP contest was published with the offer of 845 vacancies for the position of legal clerk, aimed at mid-level candidates.

Organized by the Vunesp Foundation, registration will be open until the September 2nd.

PM CE Contest

The notice of PM CE contest was published offering 2000 vacancies for the position of Soldier, and brings starting salaries that reach up to R$ 4,500. Those interested will have until the day 15 of September to apply.

TJM MG contest

The notice of TJM MG contest was published. In all, there are 27 vacancies distributed in positions of Judiciary Officer and Judiciary Analyst, of medium and higher education, respectively.

The selection is organized by the Consulplan board and entries will be available from the day October 4th to November 4th.

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