Veteran presenter may replace Ana Maria Braga on Globo’s mornings

The dance of the chairs in the Globe is far from the end. Many veterans are either leaving or will retire soon. Even with a contract signed until 2025, the name of the supposed replacement for Ana Maria Braga is already being talked about behind the scenes at the station. Sandra Annenberg was considered the most likely to fill the vacancy.

According to columnist André Romano, from the TV Observatory, the advertising market showed interest in the name of the former anchor of the “Newspaper Today” after doing an internal search to know the likely names that could substitute Ana Maria. The search was a female name that could talk to the same audience as the presenter of “Mais Você”.

Sandra also has the contract in force until 2025 at that first moment and is expected to remain four more years ahead of the “Globo reporter” on Friday nights. In the future, the date may be postponed so that she can take the place of the mother of the Blond Joseph. This is a strong assumption before any news comes out on the subject.

In addition to the 53-year-old presenter of documentary journalistic, some other presenters have renewed their contract for up to 2023, being able to obtain a renewal for up to 2025, such as André Marques, Fátima Bernardes, Pedro Bial, Márcio Garcia, Luciano Huck, Fernanda Gentil, Willian Bonner, Ana Paula Araújo, Patrícia Poeta, Ana Furtado, César Tralli and Maju Coutinho.

Continues after advertising

With her career started on television as an actress, Sandra Annenberg he decided to study journalism and went to the profession that would make him famous. Even having played with big names like Gloria Menezes and Tarcisio Meira, it was in journalism that she found real admiration and love for the profession and she hasn’t left there until today.

It gained notoriety when it began to present the weather chart on the “National Newspaper”, gaining more and more space. Have already presented the “Fantástico” with Fátima Bernardes and Celso Freitas. She even presented the program while covering the death of Ayrton Senna in 1994.

Then, she became the presenter and executive producer of “SPTV 1st edition” as soon as he returned to São Paulo. He was an international correspondent in London, when he returned to Rio de Janeiro to lead the “Newspaper Today”, journalist who gave her national fame and made her beloved by Brazilian viewers.

As of 2012, he started to command the program “How will it be” that replaced the “Globo Citizenship”. In 2019, it started to present the “Globo Repórter” with Gloria Maria, after Sergio Chapelin retire. Since then she’s only been eating the Friday night attraction, as “How will it be” was canceled in late 2019, reruns are now being aired on Saturday mornings because of the pandemic.

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