VIDEO: Ilha Record’s Mirella breaks up with Nadja: ‘Liar and naughty’

Mirella Santos, dancer and participant of Island Record, is tired of Nadja Pessoa’s shacks even outside of reality. With the recordings over, participants known as explorers comment on the program on social media. Through her profile, the ex-wife of Vinicius D’Black criticized Any Borges and Mirella and, being ungrateful with the station that opened the doors for her, she needled the edition directed by Rodrigo Carelli.

“Here, they [Any e Mirella] they got together to provoke me, did everything, took my things, threw water on my cookies and so on. All to tease me and I came out beautifully because it doesn’t work for me anymore. That’s the edition [do Ilha Record] should have shown it, right?”, shot Nadja Pessoa on social networks.

Mirella Santos, through her Instagram profile, could not contain herself and blasted Nadja Pessoa: “I just woke up to stressful news, a lie. Nadja is thinking that she is joining a reality show, keeps posting lies and still blocks me. If you hadn’t blocked me, Nadja, I’d talk to you in private”.

Tempers rose and Mirella Santos called Nadja a liar and naughty: “Stop being a naughty liar, saying I threw water on your cookie, that I teased you. You are crazy. Stop pretending, because there’s no more camera for you to play the poor thing, a liar, an actress. Stop putting my name in your mouth and making up lies, you who are not enough women and always crack jokes”.

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The outburst did not end there, Mirella affronted the Pernambuco woman, asking for her to be unlocked and that she would like to call Nadja: “She still says she talks to her face, but a real woman doesn’t make jokes to disrupt people, like you used to! Naughty liar, unlock me woman, I say to your face! There are things that the person has to defend. I never touched anyone’s stuff on that reality show, I was never at that moment trying to destabilize this woman”.

Who defended her friend Mirella Santos, was Any Borges from Ilha Record, who was also mentioned by the former A Fazenda on social networks:“Good morning to anyone who woke up with a lie like that. Nadja, go find a ‘train’ to do, go to work, woman”. Lucas Selfie was another player who called the girl insufferable.

Within the treasure search game, hypnologist Pyong Lee only has the influencer Nadja Pessoa as an ally. The ex-BBB20 has already made it clear that he intends to nominate his friend for the Survival Challenge: “And if a scenario happens, we’ll put you to crush someone in the survival arena.”

The reality Ilha Record, with the presentation of Sabrina Sato, will air from Monday to Friday from 22:45 and can also be watched on the PlayPlus streaming platform. For those who enjoy the weekend at home, you can follow it on Saturdays at 11 pm. Scheduled for its premiere on September 14, A Fazenda 13 replaces the attraction.