Video. Patient reports aggression by nurses at Hospital de Base: “He hit me in the face”

A woman who was hospitalized for two weeks at the Hospital de Base in the Federal District reported having been attacked by employees of the health unit in the early hours of Monday (30/8). According to Lays Natália Alves, 34, when she went through an anxiety crisis, she was pulled by her hair, arms and legs.

As the patient recounts, an operation was performed on her Achilles tendon during the afternoon of Sunday (29) and, on the operating table, she began to feel unwell. After the procedure, she even asked to have a companion with her, which was denied. “With an air of debauchery, the nurse said she couldn’t let go, because I was ‘big’ and could take care of myself”, she says.

During the night, a new crisis occurred. Lays began to feel suffocated, and her roommates started screaming for help. A nurse appeared but did nothing. At the insistence, the employee returned and gave a medicine. “I took it, but I vomited because I was vomiting a lot. Then she said that she had given me the medication, but if I didn’t want to, it was my problem.”

Still feeling unwell, the patient heard from the nurse that she should wait for the doctor or that she herself go look for one. “Because of the surgery I had, I can’t walk. I got out of bed, sat on a sheet and crawled through the corridors of the Hospital de Base until I managed to get into the elevator”, he reveals.

A nurse tried to calm Lays down, but the head nurse appeared during their conversation and started pulling her back into the room. “He started pulling my hair, trying to catch me and hitting me a lot in the face. Then she started to grab her by the leg, and I started screaming with pain, because I had just had the surgery, but she only let go when I hit her neck with my other leg”, she recalls.

The technique that had previously mistreated the patient reappeared and threatened to grab the surgical site to squeeze. “She looked at me, laughed and said that she wasn’t pulling until she let go of my foot from a height of half a meter and hit the ground with everything”, he details.

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Lays then tried to go down the stairs, but the head nurse came back saying she would tie her by the neck. “There was a movement like a gallows, the other one tried to grab me by the leg, but I said I was going to get my rights. That’s when a guard appeared, and a nurse took me back.”

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She was discharged on Monday and went to the direction of the Hospital de Base to register the complaint. He did the same thing at the Ombudsman and informed the metropolises that would register an occurrence in the 5th DP.

What does Iges-DF say

Sought out, the DF Strategic Management Institute (Iges-DF), responsible for the direction of the Hospital de Base, had not sent a position on the case until the publication of the report.